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 Custom NPC list.

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PostSubject: Custom NPC list.   Wed Jul 30, 2008 6:56 pm

Here are the NPC's that Maple Pulse currently has:

-Cody: Jod advancements (1-4), Hair/Eyes/Skin, Free Map Teleporting, Gives Mark Of Beta, Monster Rider and Legendary Spirit Skills. Cash shop and other random shops.

-Mia in Henesys: Maxes all skills.

-Duey: 100+ Equips, Buffs, Rocks, Chairs, etc.

-Nana (H) Sells 10,30,60,70,100% scrolls.

-Malady in Kerning rebirths you.

-Coco in Henesys resets your AP.

-Henesys Gachapon: Sells Gachapon tickets and distrubtes Gachapon items.

-Mr. Money Bags: Sells level 35, 43, and 64 Maple Weapons.
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Custom NPC list.
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