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 Script error in first NPC

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PostSubject: Script error in first NPC   Wed Aug 13, 2008 11:48 pm

So, with Vanna's help, I finally managed to get into the game Very Happy

However, there's apparently a script error in the very first NPC, which means I can't do anything at all. xD Could the person coding and such (Vanna, I'm assuming) look into this? If the problem is on my end, let me know what I should do, but the game flat out told me 'There is a scripting error in blahblah, pathname, etc.. ' and then.. nothing else happened.

I hope it's not just me D:
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PostSubject: Re: Script error in first NPC   Thu Aug 14, 2008 6:00 am

I appologize, when reformatting my computer some npc scripts got messed up in the transfer, I'll try to fix her up quickly before I go to school.
Edit: She now takes you to the training camp.
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Script error in first NPC
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